Long Future Farm

Sprouting soon.

Hi! We’re a regenerative agroforestry farm in upstate New York. Our goal is to grow food in a way that’s long-term sustainable, balanced and healthy for people, animals and the planet.

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About the farm

Our approach is to build a complete ecosystem that produces a lot of food, by integrating animals into a biodiverse tree-crop system that builds soil, sequesters carbon, and stays resilient by minimizing dependence on outside inputs.

The tree crops will take years to mature before we get a harvest – the need for a long-term commitment is one of the obstacles that’s keeping more farmers from adopting this kind of system. Meanwhile, we’ll offer pastured poultry and beef, starting this year! The animals will be grazed in the alleys between the trees, a system known as silvopasture.

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Wild Ramps

Our first harvest!

Future Farm Stays

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Pastured Poultry & Beef

This year we're offering pastured chicken and beef, visit the store!